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Juncker's Europe better for Croatia than Macron's

The speech of Europe tomorrow, held by French President Emmanuel Macron in front of students at the Sorbonne, MEP Tonino Picula commented for Večernji list.

Picula met with European Commissioner for Regional Policy.

MEP Tonino Picula met with European Commissioner for Regional Development Corina Crețu and discussed the position of European islands in the future EU cohesion policy. Working meeting is the continuation of Picule's co-operation as the Vice-President of the Intergroup with representatives of other European institutions, responsible for islands.

Reward to Croatian Transplant Association is a reward to volunteering and humanity

The Croatian Transplant Association received the "European Citizen" prize today in the Croatian Parliament, awarded by the European Parliament for outstanding achievements for individuals and organizations working on promotion of European values ​​and identity They were nominated by MEP Tonino Picula.

The European Citizen's Prize awarded in the Croatian Parliament

The European Citizen's Prize was given to the Croatian Transplant Association, which holds Croatia at the very top of the number of transplantation and Tvrtko Barun, head of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Southeast Europe. MEP Picula nominated the Transplant Association for this award.

MEP Picula's project: Water Saving Challenge

Vice President of te parliamentary Intergroup for the Islands, MEP Tonino Picula, launched an international project WaSaC (Water Saving Challenge) to design a water management model for European islands. The project involves eight islands - from France, Greece, Ireland and two from Croatia: Vis and Lastovo. The first results of the survey will be presented by MEP Picula, September 22 at a conference in Komiža on Vis.

Juncker would mention Croatia and Slovenia, if he wanted to

MEP Tonino Picula spoke of Jean Claude Juncker's speech in front of the European Parliament on the state of the Union. He particularly referred on the part when Juncker said that he sees Croatia as a part of Schengen .

Picula on Croatia's position in the EU

After parliamentary elections in Germany on September 24, France will come out with ten concrete proposals for EU reform after Brexit. There is a possibility that Croatia will be "pushed" to margins of the EU, because Croatia has no euro and is not yet part of Schengen. MEP Tonino Picula comments for Jutarnji list.

Hrvatskim otocima novim zakonom posebni porezi?

Donošenje novog Zakona o otocima dobra je prilika da Hrvatska učini život na njima još kvalitetnijim kako bi postali mjesto gdje se ljudi žele trajno naseliti, a ne samo sezonski boraviti - rekao je za Novi list, zastupnik Tonino Picula, potpredsjednik Mđuskupine za mora, rijeke, otoke i priobalna područja zadužen za europske otoke.

MEP Picula in working visit to Umag

MEP Tonino Picula visited Umag and met with mayor Vili Bassanese, in his office.
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