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Croatia must not be discriminated

Implementation of the EU directive on the systematic control of all citizens when entering and leaving the Schengen area began today so we can expect high traffic on border crossings. We need to support these proposals because they bring us greater security, but Croatia must not be discriminated in this process, by any EU Member State...

Bitter-sweet battle over Stevia

Growing Stevia is not prohibited, nor the use of an artificial sweetener that comes from this plant, but it is not allowed for sale in stores - nor leaves or the green powder. MEP Tonino Picula reacted to the European Commission, trying to change these regulations.

EU protocol on saving water

On the occasion of World Water Day, there was a very interesting and meaningful panel discussion in the European Parliamention which gathered islanders from several European countries and marked the formal beginning of the Project of water management on the islands, called "Water saving challenge." The recently completed "island panel" is the result of MEP's Tonino Picula work, who is also the co-founder of the EP Intergroup for Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal areas.

Waters formed a valuable interinsular dialogue

Representatives of 8 small islands from Croatia, France, Greece and Ireland, had the opportunity to hear about many examples of efficient water management but also to exchange experiences and open new channels of their future knowledge exchange, during the island debate in the European Parliament.

Our islands in the water management project

Vis and Lastovo are a part of an international project in which there are eight islands from the EU member states, two from each: France, Greece, Ireland and Croatia, which was launched by Croatian MEP Tonino Picula.

All 39 Picula's amendments adopted

Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament (AFET) adopted reports on the progress of Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro today, including 39 amendments of MEP Tonino Picula.

Picula warned on discrimination

MEP Tonino Picula warned that some member states of the European Union continue to have border controls within the Schengen and pointed out the discrimination of member states that are still not a part of Schengen.

The future of the island in the European Union

Međuskupine Vice President of the European Parliament for Islands, representative of Tonino Picula, the speaker is at the debate on the future of the island at Valletta in Malta. Public hearing "What future for islands in the European Union" organized by the Presidency of the European Union, malteško, and on the occasion of the draft opinion by the European economic and Social Committee: "Islands in the EU – from a structural handicap to the inclusive areas".

This document is not some reorganization of BiH

Committee on Foreign Affairs in the European Parliament adopted the report of the European Commission on the progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last year.
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