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EP discusses Schengen enlargement to Croatia

Croatia got a new push on its way to Schengen! Next Wednesday at the plenary session in Strasbourg, European Parliament will discuss strengthening and enlargement of Schengen to Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.

Insularity has to enter European statistics!

MEP Picula pointed out at the plenary session that due to lack of statistical data related to islands which have 17 million people living there, their status is not adequately recognized, which makes withdrawal from the available funds more difficult for the islanders.

Without jobs and school there will be no life on islands!

MEP Tonino Picula is persistently involved with the islands. He is the founder of the Intergroup for Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal areas in which he is responsible for all European islands. European Small Islands Federation, representing 360 thousand islands on 1640 small European islands, chose Picula as a MEP who did the most for the islands in the European Parliament and decided to nominate him for the best MEP in the category of regional development.

Island status must be recognized at EU level!

MEP Tonino Picula pointed out at the plenary at the European Parliament in Strasbourg that due to the lack of statistical data for islands where 17 million people live, their status is not adequately recognized which, among other things, makes the withdrawal of funds too difficult for them.

Islands as the core of solution and not a problem

"Experience shows: when the number of options declines, we must create new opportunities. Islands currently don't have a special status within the existing cohesion policy, which I want to change. I believe that islands will soon get a special status within the European budget, but also in the eyes of those observing them from the land". Read the rest in the column by MEP Tonino Picula.

"Picula is the best" - residents of 1640 European islands

The islanders have chosen MEP Tonino Picula as a European MEP of the year, because they believe that he did the best job for development and improving life conditions on small European islands.

Award for the MEP Picula's Project for the European islands

The Water Saving Challenge - the challenge have to conserve water on the islands, the joint project of MEP Picula and the Royal Institute of Technology from Stockholm, was selected for the best sustainable water management project and got "The Greening Islands Award", this Saturday at the Italian island Favignana.

Zlostavljanje u bilo kojem obliku mora biti sankcionirano

Desetak asistentica u Europskom parlamentu u Strasbourgu optužilo je zastupnike tog zakonodavnog tijela Europske unije za seksualno zlostavljanje. Zastupnik Tonino Picula smatra da odgovorni trebaju odgovarati ako se utvrdi da su optužbe istinite.

Juncker's Europe better for Croatia than Macron's

The speech of Europe tomorrow, held by French President Emmanuel Macron in front of students at the Sorbonne, MEP Tonino Picula commented for Večernji list.
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