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Start of negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania is a test of EU credibility

Socialists and Democrats express their greatest concerns following the inability of the European affairs ministers of EU countries to find yesterday an agreement to start the accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.

Picula on the European path of Montenegro

MEP Picula is the new rapporteur for Montenegro, and for the next five years he will be dedicated to its European goals. He talked about his new role for numerous Montenegrin media.

Everyone in Montenegro should have the EU as a goal

In an interview for Radio Free Europe (RSE), MEP Tonino Picula said that he would immediately get to the heart of the problem in Montenegro, talking to all actors on the political and public scene.

Picula named EP rapporteur for Montenegro

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula has been appointed EP rapporteur for Montenegro, which has been in the EU candidate status since 2010 and started accession negotiations in June 2012.

I hope that Borrell's political support for the Western Balkans will be followed with a financial one

MEP Tonino Picula talked with Domagoj Novokmet for N1 Studio live. Picula emphasized the importance of the new European diplomacy chief Joseph Borrell making the Western Balkans a priority.

Borrell will strengthen the EU's position in global geopolitical relations

Tonino Picula, Croatian MEP and Foreign Affairs Coordinator of the Parliamentary Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, commented on the Committee's support for Borrell.

Due to slow bureaucracy, Croatia still has no law on the spread of fake news

Although it announced a law in January this year that should regulate hate speech, incitement to violence and the spread of fake news on the Internet, the government has not yet passed the law, and it is unknown at what stage it is being drafted. Therefore, it could easily be that, because of the inertia of Croatian bureaucrats, Croatia is completely unprepared to welcome the EU Presidency when it comes to one of Europe's biggest security concern

Šibenska narodna glazba visited Picula

MEP Tonino Picula hosted musicians from Šibenska narodna glazba at the European Parliament in Brussels, to mark the 170th anniversary of their work.

Brexit must not jeopardize EU cohesion

"Whatever happens to Brexit, the result must not jeopardize the EU cohesion we have successfully achieved on this issue," MEP Tonino Picula said, participating in the Strasbourg debate on Brexit.
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