Fighting for oceans and the sea!

Between 150 and 500 thousand tons of waste per year pollutes the sea within the EU. That is why probably the most intriguing exhibition was opened in the European Parliament in Brussels, with exhibits of waste found in European seas, to raise public awareness on danger of this global problem. The exhibition "Ocean Plastics Lab" was organized by Intergroup for Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas (SEARICA), and was opened by the Vice President of SEARICA for the Islands, MEP Tonino Picula.

MEP Picula's working visit to Sarajevo

As a Member of the Delegation of Subcommittee on Security and Defense of the European Parliament, MEP Tonino Picula went to a three-day working visit to Sarajevo

Newsletter - MEP Tonino Picula

In the first Newsletter in 2018, you can see the most important activites that MEP Picula worked on, in the period from January to March 2018.

Latest news


The Syria authorities don't do enough to protect their citizens

While world media report that Syrian forces have demolished the missiles fired on two bases, just days after US, British and French forces attacked Syrian targets in retaliation for the alleged chemical attack in Duma, the European Parliament discussed the situation in Syria. MEP Tonino Picula also participated in the debate.

Higschool students from Šibenik are comig to sing in Brussels

Twenty students from Antun Vrančić Gymnasium in Šibenik are coming to Brussels. They were invited by two MEPs Ivana Maletić and Tonino Picula.

Free internet for thousands of Europeans!

The European Commission has launched the WiFi4EU Internet Portal and calls on local self-government units across Europe to apply for the first bid for projects that will be open in mid-May. Municipalities and cities are competing for EU funding of building free wireless internet hotspots in public spaces.

Saving water on the islands

It's not easy to live on an island and islanders know it best! This is the reason why MEP Tonino Picula asked the islanders for solutions for water shortage problems. After a one-year resarch, Picula's team collected the results in a smart guide to water manegement, called "Water Saving Challenge", which Picula presented publicly with his colleagues.

Picula nominated Scouts Association of Croatia for the European citizen's Prize

SDP's MEP Tonino Picula nominated the Croatian Scout Association for the European Citizen's Prize, which the European Parliament gives every year to projects and initiatives that contribute to European cooperation and the promotion of common values.

Even land can learn about saving water from Vis and Lastovo!

MEP Tonino Picula recently presented the smart guide "Water Saving Challenge", created as a result of the international WaSaC project, that Picula symbolically launched last year on World Water Day. So it is no surprise that the European Federation of Small Islands chose Picula as the MEP who did the most work for the European islands, in the current European Parliament assembly.

From media


Rod ne ugrožava nikog nego osporava podjele u društvu

Croatian MEPs Tonino Picula and Marijana Petir commented the ratification of the Istanbul Convention live in N1 studio. MEP Picula called for urgent ratification.

Every island can save up to a quarter of water!

MEP Tonino Picula, vice-president of the Interparliamentary group, presented the guide "Water Saving Challenge: a smart guide to water management" yesterday at the House of Europe in Zagreb, with whose help all the island and land communities can save at least a quarter of water!
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