Croatian wine defended

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament (AGRI) rejected Slovenian request for a two-month extension of the deadline for objections to Delegated act of the European Commission, which gives the right to Croatian wine producers to label wines with protected designation of origin Istria - Croatia with name Teran, today in Brussels.

Croatian diplomacy must not stand still

MEP Tonino Picula commented on expectations ahead of the meeting of European commissioners in Strasbourg.

Picula defends Croatian winemakers

"Tonight I want to point out that Slovenian demand for two month postponement of the application of a delegated act that enables Croatian producers of teran to go to the European market, is unjustified", said MEP Tonino Picula at plenary session in Strasbourg.

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Picula on arbitrage for Nova tv

Tonino Picula, SDP MEP, talked about the Tribunal's ruling on Croatian-Slovenian border dispute and reasons why Germany sent a message that was not good for Croatia, for Dnevnik Nova tv.

Dubrovnik conclusions - conference, June

The purpose of conference “European Defence Union – between necessity and possibility", which took place in Dubrovnik, Croatia, on June 22-23 2017, initiated by the Chair of the European Parliament Delegation for B&H and Kosovo Tonino Picula, was to address the main security challenges Europe faces today and actions necessary capabilities for efficiently shifting the European Security and Defence Union from just a possibility to a reality that the EU citizens need and are entitled to.

Croatia is safe, but there is no absolute security

Security challenges in Southeast Europe was the topic of one of the panels at an international conference in Dubrovnik, attended by three defense ministers - Damir Krstičević from Croatia, Marina Pendeš from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Predrag Bosković from Montenegro, hosted by MEP and Head of Delegation for Relations with BiH and Kosovo, Tonino Picula.

European Defence Union - video of the conference

The security situation in Europe has become worse in recent years and we are faced with an increasing number of threats and challenges. Therefore, MEP Tonino Picula brought together domestic and foreign security experts, as well as political representatives of the EU, NATO and Defense Ministers of BiH, Montenegro and Croatia at an international conference in Dubrovnik.

Picula: Change the European visa stickers

MEP Tonino Picula warned that the current visa stickers are not in line with security standards and that is causing counterfeiting, during today's debate on mini plennary session in Brussels.

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Zastupnik u Evropskom parlamentu i bivši ministar vanjskih poslova Republike Hrvatske Tonino Picula u razgovoru za govorio je o Rezoluciji Europskog parlamenta o Bosni i Hercegovini, o tome kako je Parlament FBiH osudio Rezoluciju, izmjenama Izbornog zakona BiH, kanalu na hrvatskom jeziku, Daytonu 2, kao i europskom putu Bosne i Hercegovine.

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Croatia will not have the fate of Bulgaria and Romania

The only real step forward in fulfilling the conditions for Schengen in the last two years, is becoming a part of a common information system. Still, MEP Tonino Picula does not fear that Croatia will have the fate of Bulgaria and Romania.

Kosovo deserves European future

Third meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Stabilization and Association of the EU and Kosovo (SAPC) was held on April 20 and 21 in Pristina, co-chaired by MEP Tonino Picula, Head of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with BiH and Kosovo.
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