Scandinavians launch their version of MEP Picula's WASAC project

The Island coordination of the Nordic Council, gathering eight Swedish and Finnish regions is launching a water-saving project on their islands in the Baltic Sea, modelled upon the Water Saving Challenge project WASAC, launched in 2017 by the Office of Tonino Picula, MEP.

Without a shift within a month or two, SDP will reach a point from where recovery is not possible

MEP Tonino Picula, speaks about his European activities, Croatian future in the EU and situation in his party,SDP, in an interview for the Voice of Slavonia (Glas Slavonije).

Supporting Macedonia on its way to the EU

On the first session of the Foreign Affairs Committee after the summer break, European Parliament discussed with Macedonia's Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov about Macedonia's progress towards the EU and the European Commission's progress report on BiH.

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Hungary will continue to obstruct

The European Court in Luxembourg issued a decision last week that Hungary must extradite Zsolt Hernadi, the president of the MOL administration, to Croatia. He was accused for giving bribe to Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader in 2009, before the takeover of INA oil company, largest Croatian company, at Zagreb County Court. MEP Tonino Picula commented the process for Deutsche Welle.

Increase the budget for 150 million citizens!

The European Parliament adopted all MEP Picula's amendments on the report on boosting growth and cohesion in the border regions, where he worked as a shadow rapporteur on behalf of his S&D Group.

Solutions on EU border protection should not be imposed on Croatia

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula warned at a plenary session in Strasbourg that announcements of sending German border police to the Schengen border are worrying and that Croatia as a member with the longest EU external border should not be left out of such partial agreements.

Deep political crisis disguised as a migrant crisis

MEP Tonino Picula and his colleague Dubravka Šuica talked for Croatian Television, after German partners in the CDU and CSU government reached a compromise solution on migrants. They commented how will the German agreement affect other countries that will eventually have to accept migrants who first registered at Germany when coming to the EU, live from the European Parliament.

Black Thursday for the Internet?

The European Parliament decides this week on a Directive that experts believe will change the Internet forever. At the plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament will vote on the proposal for a Directive on intellectual property protection on the Internet, which will decide whether it will be adopted in its current, highly controversial version or will it be returned to processing.

There is no other future than European!

The first July 2013 will remain remembered as one of the most important days in modern Croatian history. On this day, Croatia formally joined the large European family, as the 28th member of the European Union. MEP Tonino Picula talks about the benefits that the EU has brought us, as well as the opportunities we have missed, for Voice of Slavonia.

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Former Ministers on 5 Years of Croatian Membership in the EU

Five years ago, Croatia became a full Member of the European Union. Although the road to membership was painstaking and long, Croatia now enjoys all benefits of the EU. Their reflections on the five years of Membership and what opportunities did Croatia use by far, former foreign ministers, those who were directly involved in all the steps of the Croatian road to the European Union, shared for T portal.

Interview for Slobodna Dalmacija

MEP Tonino Picula talks about the recent visit of the European Commission to the Croatian islands that he organized, benefits for Croatia after joining Schengen and his work in the European Parliament, in a big interview with Slobodna Dalmacija.
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