Questions to the EU Commission


Enable wider access to content in the EU

MEP Tonino Picula turned to the European Commission because EU citizens who travel within the EU are denied to watch certain movies, series, sports transmissions, music, e-books or games, for which they paid in their countries. This happens because of the geo-blocking - restricting the purchase, payment or delivery between buyers and sellers from different countries .

Picula asked the Commission regarding the waste issue in the Adriatic

Because of marine waste on the beach in Trstenik on the peninsula Pelješac, that comes from neighboring Montenegro and Albania and numerous e-mails he received from concerned citizens, MEP Tonino Picula asked the European Commission: "What general steps is the Commission taking to reduce the problem of marine waste and to achieve the objective of restoring the good ecological status of all marine waters by 2020?".

Picula on the protection of citizens during online shopping

On the occasion of launching a platform to help consumers and merchants, MEP Tonino Picula asked European Commission what they will do to achieve full coverage of all Member States and sectors, concerning on-line shopping.

Two important Croatian projects on the Commission's list of priorities

On Tuesday, The European Commission gave support to projects that improve access to the global market of liquefied natural gas (LNG). The list of the Commission's priority projects which are funded by the European Union includes two projects in Croatia, the LNG terminal on the island of Krk and the LNG pipeline transit Zlobin-Slobodnica, which together received more than 20 million kunas.

Picula asked the Commission to protect workers from Karlovac

MEP Tonino Picula addressed the European Commission taking up the cause of 229 workers of "General Electric Company" whose Croatian Office is in Karlovac and who could be fired in the next two years as a result of the announced reorganization.

The Commission responded: The Adriatic Ionian pipeline is a candidate for a project of common interest to the EU

MEP Tonino Picula asked the European Commission for a stance about the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian pipeline, given the significance of this project for the whole Adriatic-Ionian macro-region as well as to improvement of the security of energy supply in Europe. He receieved their answer.

Three million euros for the beekeepers

In total a quarter of bee communities in Croatia died last year - says the data from Croatian Beekeeper's Assocciation and a similar downward trend is observed in the whole European Union. As a result of that, MEP Tonino Picula sent a question to the European Commission, wanted do draw attention to this problem and required an adequate response.

Croatia can seek help for wildfires through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism

When Croatia was struggling with unprecedented coastal fires which have particularly affected the island of Korčula and the Pelješac Peninsula where at least 900 ha have burned down, MEP Tonino Picula asked help from the European Commission. He asked is the Commission planning to send emergency equipment and funds for defence against fire in order to help not only with rehabilitation but also in the fight against this natural disaster. He got the answer.

Picula requested help because of the wildfire on the Croatian coast

Due to the unprecedented wildfires that mostly hit the island of Korcula and Peljesac Peninsula these days, member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula asked the European Commission to send emergency equipment.
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