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Are we ready for Schengen?

Next mont European experts are coming to Croatia to assess its readiness for Schengen. Were the deficiencies that Croatia was previously warned removed and will they way in which Schengen functioned 10 years ago cease to exist because of the fear of terrorism, was the topic of "Dossier Europa", which MEP Tonino Picula was a part of.

Picula on Catalan referendum

The guest of the N1 live studio was SDP's MEP Tonino Picula, who commented the EU's opinion on the referendum in Catalonia.

Results of the elections in Germany are more reflect of a political trend than the campaign

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula (SDP), president of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee Miro Kovač (HDZ) and SPD representative in the Bundestag Josip Juratović, commented elections in Germany in Studio 4, on Croatian National Television.

Conference on saving water on the islands

"Water Saving Challenge" is a project for preservation water on the islands, initiated by MEP Tonino Picula. The project includes eight islands from the EU including Vis and Lastovo.

The 5 Seas Initiative - valubale project on island Vis

MEP Tonino Picula presented his "Water Saving Challenge" project on island Vis. The goal is to preserve water and promote islands and island life. The country partner in the project is Sweden.

Nautic radio Komiža - interview

Projekt Water Saving Challenge zastupnik Tonino Picula pokrenuo je kako bismo dobili što širu sliku kako se otočani suočavaju s nestašicom vode, u različitim zemljama Europske unije. Picula smatra da možemo učiti upravo od otoka i otočana koji stoljećima pronalaze rješenja za problem nestašice vode.

Picula on the new Slovenian blocade

Slovenia cannot support Croatia's membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) because it does not meet the conditions- Slovenian diplomatic sources reported. MEP Tonino Picula commented the new "blockade" of Croatia for Croatian National Television.

Picula for N1 about relations in the region

MEP Picula spoke about the relations between Croatia and Slovenia, relations with Serbia, the Pelješac Bridge and the role of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other relation in the region, live for N1 studio.

Picula on arbitrage for Nova tv

Tonino Picula, SDP MEP, talked about the Tribunal's ruling on Croatian-Slovenian border dispute and reasons why Germany sent a message that was not good for Croatia, for Dnevnik Nova tv.
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