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Picula on Schengen for RTL

MEP Picula talked about revision of Schengen and border traffic for RTL television today.

A report on the progress of BiH for 2016.

Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament discussed the progress reports of the Western Balkans countries. Head of Delegation for relations with BiH and Kosovo MEP Picula, supports Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to the EU but stresses necessary reforms for that progress.

Dossier Europe

Members of the European Parliament, Tonino Picula, Ivana Maletić and Željana Zovko were guests on the radio show "Dossier Europe" on Croatian Radio. They talked about the elections for the President of the European Parliament, the main challenges for the EU in 2017. and relations with Croatian neighbors.

Theme days-broadcast from Strasbourg

While elections for a new President of the European Parliament entered the final, fourth round, Croatian europarlamentarci Tonino Picula and John Maletic from Strasbourg have commented on the long awaited speech by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, in which he points out the main guidelines of the policy of her country's exit from the European Union and of the process in front of which the EU is the first time in its history.

Report on European Defence Union adopted

Important report on the European Defence Union on which MEP Tonino Picula worked as a shadow rapporteur in the name of the S&D group, was adopted in Strasbourg, which includes all 15 amendments proposed.

RTL Direkt - interview

Tonino Picula, the candidate for the President of the SDP, made an appearance on RTL Direkt. The host was Zoran Šprajc.

USA decides- HTV Special on the elections

In Special edition of tv show Studio 4 on HRT, Tonino Picula and Mate Granić, former fellow Ministers for Foreign Affairs, commented the results of the USA elections.

Regional News: Conference in Betina

As Vice President of the Parliamentary Intergroup for the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas, MEP Tonino Picula hosted a two-day International Conference "Maritime Heritage in local communities-models of sustainability". The Conference was held in shipyard Betina, as the unofficial capital of the Croatian shipbuilding.

Croatian MEPs: This madness has to stop

Croatian journalists contacted our MEPs via Twitter. None of them, including people from their teams, were hurt in attacks that happened in Brussels on the morning of March 22nd.
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