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The irregularities of Lex Agrokor need to be legally sanctioned

Through the creation of Lex Agrokor, the Government of the Republic of Croatia allowed for one clan of cronies to be substituted by another, connected to them, commented Tonino Picula, MEP on N1 television

Deep political crisis disguised as a migrant crisis

MEP Tonino Picula and his colleague Dubravka Šuica talked for Croatian Television, after German partners in the CDU and CSU government reached a compromise solution on migrants. They commented how will the German agreement affect other countries that will eventually have to accept migrants who first registered at Germany when coming to the EU, live from the European Parliament.

5 years of Croatia in the EU

MEP onino Picula analyzes the first five years of our country's membership in the European Union. What did Croatia achieve as a full member? Have we used the given opportunities? What are the advantages and disadvantages of EU membership and the challenges Croatia has to face with?

Good morning, Croatia!

MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament Intergroup in charge of the islands, Tonino Picula, presented the "Water Saving Challenge - a smart guide to water management", in the tv show Good morning, Croatia.

Serbia and Kosovo after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

In Dossier Europe, guests discussed relations between Serbia and Kosovo - when will the technical talks between Pristina and Belgrade continue, Kosovo as one of the conditions for Serbia's EU membership and the role of the EU in the process. MEP Tonino Picula was one of the guests.

Dossier Europa

What is expected of European politics in 2018 and what are the biggest challenges on which European institutions should offer solutions was the main topic in Dossier Europa. MEP Tonino Picula contributed to the discussion.

Are we ready for Schengen?

Next mont European experts are coming to Croatia to assess its readiness for Schengen. Were the deficiencies that Croatia was previously warned removed and will they way in which Schengen functioned 10 years ago cease to exist because of the fear of terrorism, was the topic of "Dossier Europa", which MEP Tonino Picula was a part of.

Picula on Catalan referendum

The guest of the N1 live studio was SDP's MEP Tonino Picula, who commented the EU's opinion on the referendum in Catalonia.

Results of the elections in Germany are more reflect of a political trend than the campaign

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula (SDP), president of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee Miro Kovač (HDZ) and SPD representative in the Bundestag Josip Juratović, commented elections in Germany in Studio 4, on Croatian National Television.
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