Croatia must not stay outside Schengen

MEP Tonino Picula was recently elected Coordinator of the Socialist and Democrats (S&D) Group on the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament for Foreign Policy. In interview for Novi List, he talked about Schengen, which is of particular importance to us, about energy transition in which Croatian islands serve as laboratories for new solutions and challenges in front of Croatia and the EU.

The EU will be more concerned about herself

Tonino Picula continues his work in the European Parliament, as a re-elected MP from the SDP list. He was born in Mali Lošinj, educated in Šibenik. Although he has a BA in Sociology, Picula spent most of his career working in foreign affairs. He gave an interview for Objektiv.

BiH missed the opportunity to be better positioned on the road to the EU

Bosnia and Herzegovina has missed a great opportunity to be better positioned on the path towards EU membership in the mandate of European institutions that is just emerging, and for the current pat position are primarily responsible Bosnian-Herzegovinian political elite, said MEP Tonino Picula in an interview for

EU is between those who want to update and cancel her

Those who politically outgrowed the dissatisfaction of people, the inadequate mainstream politics of the last ten years will increase in a certain way, but they will not make the majority that can endanger the functioning of the European Parliament, because I am sure that the majority will be formed on the basis of pro-European values , after the elections, said Tonino Picula for HINA.

Picula: Our list is the strongest

With the former Croatian Foreign Minister from Račan's government and MEP Tonino Picula, we talked about his successes in Brussels, state in the party, SMS affair, the European Union and the European perspective countries in the environment.

Time has expired for Merkel both in Germany and EU

MEP Tonino Picula gave a big interview for Jutarnji list.

We have the strongest list in the political market

MEP Tonino Picula gave an interview for Dubrovački vjesnik, where he talked about greatest achievements in his mandate, campaign in Croatia and expectations of these European elections.

There is no cooperation with this kind of HDZ

MEP Tonino Picula gave a short interview for Danica in which he talked about the campaign, situation in Croatia and the future of the European Union.

Interview for T portal

Almost 133,000 votes Tonino Picula won on the 2014 European elections. It was far the most votes of all candidates from all the lists and almost twice as much as the current Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. Will he repeat that success and win the third term in the European Parliament, we will see the end of May. In an open conversation at his office in Zrinjevac, Picula revealed his expectations of European elections for T portal...
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