July 17, 2019 Plenary Sessions

Implementation of the EU Global strategy

Europe is and must stay relevant, because it is a strong and credible soft power, first humanitarian provider, it has means to act and protect peace in cooperation with our allies. It is helping creating and preserving the conditions for peace and human dignity in many places of the world, said MEP Tonino Picula in his plennary speech.

A lot has been done but the biggest achievement of the last trhree years is the building of a European Defence.

"Yes, we have achieved more in few years then in decades. A proof that when there is political will and unity we can do a lot. We have done a series of steps towards making the European defence more efficient - it is a about maximising our resources, better protecting our citizens while re-asserting the European Union role in the world. We have to do more to preserve our past achievements and to step up our efforts for the future", said MEP Picula in his speech.

See the whole speech in the video.


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