September 25, 2017 Office Projects

European Parliament Ambasador School

MEP Tonino Picula visited today II and VII Gimnasyum in Zagreb and handed the plaques to students - young ambassadors of the European Parliament, headmasters and mentors which are included in the "European Parliament Ambasador School (EPAS)".

"I have talked today with the future of the EU on the future of the EU. I am honored that I was able to give the plaques to students - young ambassadors of the European Parliament, their mentors and headmasters in the project of the European Parliament Ambasador School. The project is valuable because it encourages young people to active citizenship and reminds of the EU's values: connectivity, diversity and inclusiveness", Picula said during the ceremony.

The "European Parliament Ambasador School" program is being organized by the Information Office of the European Parliament in Zagreb and is intended to raise the level of awareness of young people in Europe through active learning about its values. The program is implemented in all EU Member States and 15 high schools from Croatia are participating.

"Being a member of the European Parliament means to be the voice of citizens who articulate their interests as well as problems in front of the European institutions. The goal of this program is to raise the awareness of young people about the importance of the European Parliament as an institution whose voice is important and whose work directly affects their lives. The program also helps them to understand the rights that they share as European citizens and points to examples of how they can actively participate in the creation of European Union policies", said Picula.

EPAS's goal is to create a long-term link between high schools and the European Parliament Information Office so that teachers and students become European ambassadors in their environment. 

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