August 21, 2020 Parlament Activities

Ensure safe, unrestricted and fair elections in Montenegro

Picula and Bilčik issued a message to the Montenegrin institutions

Croatian MEP and standing rapporteur for relations with Montenegro, Tonino Picula, together with Vladimir Bilčik, Slovak MEP, and Head of Delegation in that country, issued a joint declaration to the citizens and institutions in Montenegro in the wake of the parliamentary elections which will be held on 30th August 2020. The full statement can be found below.

Montenegrin institutions have considerable responsibility in the wake of parliamentary elections scheduled for the 30th of August this year. Going through with elections during a pandemic is a challenging task for the whole of Europe. The state needs to ensure unfettered voting for all citizens along with unrestricted constitutional rights, respecting rigorous sanitation guidelines and safety recommendations.

We hereby invite Montenegrin institutions to do everything within their power in order to organize upcoming elections entirely in compliance with international standards for free and fair elections. We hope that the results of the elections on Sunday will contribute to the stability of Montenegro and represent the next step in accomplishing its European future. As a NATO member, Montenegro is already a part of European security structures still needing to strengthen its commitment to the future EU membership.

We hereby recognize Montenegro’s progress towards EU membership, including opening all chapters of the acquis. It is now important to focus on faster reform implementation. We are ready to support and collaborate closely with our future partners in the Montenegrin parliament concerning the effectuation of their important tasks. We look forward to continuing political cooperation new institutions have been established succeeding elections.

We also wish to express our deepest condolences to all of the Montenegro citizens who lost their family members and friends during this COVID-19 pandemic. As a pledge of solidarity, amid these difficult times, the EU has ensured unprecedented medical and financial assistance to Montenegro. To all the citizens of Montenegro, we wish peaceful and safe elections on the 30th of August.

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