July 15, 2021 Committees / Intergroup


Picula's report was supported by 58 Members of European Parliament and will be the foundation of future relations with the United States

“The four year governance of former US President Donald Trump is now behind us. During that time the relationship between the United States and the European Union has deteriorated and now is the time to seize new opportunities for transatlantic cooperation, taking into account the differences that exist between us. We share a number of new common challenges, which is why we need a new agenda that emphasizes multilateral cooperation for a healthier world, the fight against climate change, reformed trade rules, the promotion of democracy, along with a reform of global order with a focus on elimination of social and economic inequalities”, said the Croatian Member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula during the voting of his Report on the Future of relations between the European Union and the United States at the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament.

Picula’s Report, which defines the priorities of US relations and European relations, detects the main common challenges and was supported by 58 Members of the European Parliament's foreign policy committee, with 9 against and 3 abstentions. Over the past seventy years, good relations between the EU and the US have contributed to Europe’s development, prosperity and successful integration, and have been a cornerstone of stability and security since the end of World War II, the report states. It also welcomes America’s return to multilateralism based on the rule of law stressing that now is an opportunity to strengthen partnerships and a global order based on the shared values of liberal democracy.

“The decisions of President Joe Biden to return the US to the Paris Climate and the World Health Organization, as well as lifting sanctions on leading officials of the International Criminal Court and return to UNESCO have been of great importance for renewed intensification of cooperation between the EU and the US. The EU expects the United States to restore an active role in the United Nations system”, Picula said. The report envisions that the EU and the US should work together through the United Nations on clean energy and research, development and innovation, as well as collaborate in other critical areas such as stopping arms proliferation, resolving conflicts and fighting radicalization and terrorism.

The report also underlines the importance of cooperation on global tax issues, such as the reform of the international tax system and the elimination of tax havens. It emphasizes the importance of strategic transatlantic relations in addressing the malignant effects of misinformation and authoritarian regimes, as well as the importance of a common position vis-à-vis Russia and China.

In order to achieve common goals in foreign policy and security, especially in advocating the application of international humanitarian law, MEPs also advocate the joint application of sanctions against violators. In terms of defense policy, the report supports the establishment of a new balance of responsibility in transatlantic relations, through greater self-sufficiency of EU members, with the goal of reducing the burden on the US, but also creating synergies between NATO membership and EU defense capabilities.

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