July 3, 2019 Video & Audio

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MEP Tonino Picula, commented results of the agreement reached last night in Brussels by the European Council when members of the European Parliament elected their new president, for "Tema dana".

Picula stressed that the biggest victim of this marathon bargaining on leading positions in the European institutions was Manfred Weber, who was appointed as the lead candidate of the EPP and should have been due to his success, the President of the Commission but the negotiators who should have completed the job for Weber, did not do that.

"I am sorry that Frans Timmermans did not have a chance after Weber's failure, because that would preserve the principle of the Spitzenkandidat. This has been a blow for the process of political emancipation of the European Parliament, the only institution directly elected by citizens," he said adding that the level of frustration in the European Parliament is great.

"The strengthening of the European Parliament would surely reduce the criticism of the democratic deficit of European institutions. Will this dissatisfaction be expressed through voting Ursula von der Leyen's support for the position of European Commission President, we will soon see", said Picula.

You can see the entire show on the link.

Tema dana 

Source: HRT
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