January 25, 2018 Video & Audio

Serbia and Kosovo after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic

In Dossier Europe, guests discussed relations between Serbia and Kosovo - when will the technical talks between Pristina and Belgrade continue, Kosovo as one of the conditions for Serbia's EU membership and the role of the EU in the process. MEP Tonino Picula was one of the guests.

"The termination of technical talks between Kosovo and Serbia for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic once again shows that this process, that begun seven years ago, still provokes a fierce resistance of those who prefer the current state of lawlessness and insecurity in northern Kosovo. One thing is for sure: while they do not help in solving their common problems, the way to EU membership will be limited for both Serbia and Kosovo. Brussels will have to remain the main mediator of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, but support for the process can also be given to influential factors outside the EU, especially the US", said Picula in the show "Dossier Europe" on Croatian National Radio.

Listen to the entire show on the link.

Source: Hrvatski radio
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