September 26, 2017 Video & Audio

Results of the elections in Germany are more reflect of a political trend than the campaign

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula (SDP), president of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee Miro Kovač (HDZ) and SPD representative in the Bundestag Josip Juratović, commented elections in Germany in Studio 4, on Croatian National Television.

MEP Tonino Picula said the election results in Germany were more a reflect of a political trend than the campaign itself.

"Angela Merkel led a campaign that was conducive to her ambition to not have a campaign. These election results have brought to light the results of a certain dissatisfaction in Germany that has given particular strength to the third-placed Alternative for Germany. What to say about the election results in one country where the first two parties can be attributed with a word "the worst" - these are the worst results since 1949 and definetly the worst result of the German Social Democrats ever. Far left party showed a certain stability. They got a little more than four years ago but socialdemocrats have fallen to a historically low level, regardless of the change of leadership and regardless of insisting on economic issues. The first analysis showed that their campaign, slogans and the goals they wanted to achieve, were not rooted in the voting body. Some other political values came to the first front. First of all, emigration and refugee issues and of coursw the sense of security for German citizens", said Picula. 

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Source: HRT
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