September 7, 2017 Video & Audio

Picula on the new Slovenian blocade

Slovenia cannot support Croatia's membership in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) because it does not meet the conditions- Slovenian diplomatic sources reported. MEP Tonino Picula commented the new "blockade" of Croatia for Croatian National Television.

"Getting the OECD membership is not easy - it is a long process of checking the candidate country as it meets different parameters, such as openness of market and regulation, financial and legal stability, so Croatia's entry to the OECD would signal that Croatia has reached an important standard", said MEP Picula.

He also commented that Slovenia is aware of its weak negotiating position when it comes out of the framework of international organizations or systems whose members Slovenia became before Croatia.

"Slovenia has no capacity to bilaterally impose its interests and perspectives on Croatia and therefore what remains is to try to put a pressure on us to resolve open bilateral issues in its favor."

See the full video clip on the link.

Source: HRT
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