June 29, 2017 Video & Audio

Picula on arbitrage for Nova tv

Tonino Picula, SDP MEP, talked about the Tribunal's ruling on Croatian-Slovenian border dispute and reasons why Germany sent a message that was not good for Croatia, for Dnevnik Nova tv.

"On next plennary session in Strasbourg, a panel of Commissioners will meet and we will find out what does the European Commission has to say about the final verdict on the border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia in the Piran Bay, which Croatia rejects and Slovenica approves" - Picula said for Nova tv.

"It is interesting that the Commission did not react immediately. Today, the judge justified his verdict, but there are still no official responses from the Commission, although various individuals, even governments and influential politicians in Europe did say what they think about the ruling. That is also a sign that people are still waiting to take some time for a more clean relationship, because I think that the European Union at this moment, does not want to raise tensions in this part of Europe. We all know that for EU's intergovernmental agreements, European Commission is not in charge. I believe that they will continue looking for some kind of mediation between Ljubljana and Zagreb, to avoid further escalation", said MEP Tonino Picula.

MEP Picula live from Brussels - see the videon on the link.

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