September 24, 2017 Video & Audio

Conference on saving water on the islands

"Water Saving Challenge" is a project for preservation water on the islands, initiated by MEP Tonino Picula. The project includes eight islands from the EU including Vis and Lastovo.

Vis and Lastovo can be examples of good practices and role models for other islands facing water scarcity - that is one of the conclusions from a project conference held at Hotel Biševo in Komiža. The project's goal is to develop a water management model using the experiences of eight European islands.

"The plan is to turn their relation to the problem of using liquid water and the experience of 8 different islands in studies that have been made, into a recommendation how to deal with the lack of drinking water which is a serious limit in island development", said the organizer, MEP Picula. 

Island water consumption can be reduced by innovative technological solutions as well as changes of irrational human habits.

Watch the video clip on the link.


Source: HRT
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