October 26, 2017 Video & Audio

Are we ready for Schengen?

Next mont European experts are coming to Croatia to assess its readiness for Schengen. Were the deficiencies that Croatia was previously warned removed and will they way in which Schengen functioned 10 years ago cease to exist because of the fear of terrorism, was the topic of "Dossier Europa", which MEP Tonino Picula was a part of.

"The strategic goal of Croatia is to enter Schengen on which we are actively and successfully working. We expect the fulfillment of all the criteria next year. Therefore the fundamental values ??of the EU on equality of all citizens, this proposal should include all members from the start of application. Safety needs to be available for all citizens without exception", said Picula.

Listen to the entire show on the link.

Source: Hrvatski radio
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