February 13, 2020 Interviews

Enlargement Policy Makes a Comeback to the Mainstream

MEP Picula will be in charge of giving recommendations to the Council of the EU and the European Commission with the view of launching accession negotiation with North Macedonia and Albania, as well as giving fresh impetus to the enlargement process.

You have been recently appointed Head of the Western Balkans Task Force in the EP’s Foreign Policy Committee. What are your plans for this function?

This task force was first formed back in 2005 to reflect the political priorities of the European Union and to ensure the European Parliament’s more coherent approach to the region. In the current, ninth term of the European Parliament, the democratization and transformation of the six countries of the region will be at the centre of the agenda of the European Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee, with particular emphasis on the continuation of enlargement policy i.e. renewing the interest in the enlargement policy will be the priority during my term as the head of the Western Balkans Task Force in the European Parliament. Furthermore, and in line with my earlier appointment as the rapporteur who will give recommendations on the Western Balkans to the European Parliament, I will also work to unblock the accession negotiations of the candidate countries. The recommendations will include an objective assessment of the results and methodology of the current negotiating system and suggestions on how to create a new momentum to the enlargement process.

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