January 17, 2018 Internet & Press

Slovenian pressure on Croatia iritates Brussels!

Ljubljana has made two steps too far and her pressure on Zagreb begun to irritate the Commission, although Zagreb should not overestimate how much will the Commission protect our interest in the border dispute with Ljubljana - said MEP Tonino Picula for Novi list

MEP Tonino Picula received a response from the European Commission on his question "what measures will Commission take concerning the blockade of Croatia's accession to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) by Slovenia and Hungary. In her response, Commissioner Cecilia Malmström's reminded that regarding OECD's enlargement the EU's position remains the same since 2007: that all EU and non-OECD members, would be automatically eligible for OECD membership.

"This is the point of view that the European Commission, as an EU representative in the OECD, and other Member States advocate in the OECD enlargement debate and regret the fact that two Member States departed from it", said Commissioner to Picula.

MEP Picula notes that we should be realistic and see the "real" dimension of the reaction of the European Commissioner Malmström on the Slovenian and Hungarian blockade of Croatian entry into the OECD.

"I think that in this case, it protects the integrity of the European Commission itself and the rules that must be equally valid for all. The European attitude about entering the OECD was established ten years ago, so it had to be stated that in this case the rule is violated by two EU Member States, Slovenia and Hungary, which blocked access to OECD by a third member, Croatia with apolitical blockade. We must not forget that the Commission represents the European Union in the OECD, so in this case the Commission must protect Croatia as it would protect some other member too", Picula explains.

You can read the full article on the link.

Source: Novi list
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