October 1, 2018 Internet & Press

Scandinavians launch their version of MEP Picula's WASAC project

The Island coordination of the Nordic Council, gathering eight Swedish and Finnish regions is launching a water-saving project on their islands in the Baltic Sea, modelled upon the Water Saving Challenge project WASAC, launched in 2017 by the Office of Tonino Picula, MEP.

The Nordic Council, taking notice of the success of WASAC and the positive experiences of it's southern partners, decided to support and finance the project.

Eight european islands from France, Greece, Ireland, with both islands Vis and Lastovo from Croatia, in cooperation with the Office of Tonino Picula, MEP, published the „Water Saving Challenge – A Smart Guide to Water Management“, as a result of the islanders' team work in saving water. Their experience showed that it's possible to save up to 200 million liters of water annualy on the participating islands, which would also cut down on electricity consumption by 470.000 kWh, and CO2 emissions by 42 tons.

The transfer of the accrued knowledge in water saving to all 2136 European islands would have tremendous effects on savings in water, electricity and CO2 emissions. In 2017, the Water Saving Challenge Project was awarded with the Greening Island prize in sustainable water management.

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