March 9, 2018 Internet & Press

Gender does not endanger anyone in the society

Croatian MEPs Tonino Picula and Marijana Petir commented the Istanbul Convention live for N1 studio. MEP Picula called for urgent ratification of the Convention.

"The European Parliament has clearly stated that it supports the ratification at the plenary session, and it is good that we had the debate and the voting. The Istanbul Convention does not endanger anything, no identity or a division based on the two sexes. It is a document that has a new way of introducing a central problem into the space of protecting women and preventing domestic violence - and that is the fact that violence is generated and socially conditioned. Women today suffer the consequences because they are endangered by stereotypes, roles and gender. The authors of the Convention wanted to minimize the gender based discrimination at the beginning of the 21st century", said Picula.

Read the whole article on the link.

Source: N1 televizija
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