June 6, 2018 Internet & Press

Picula's amendment established EU Islands Secretariat

An amendment worth 2 million euros for the energy independence of the European islands recently filed by MEP Tonino Picula, led to the inauguration of the EU Islands Secretariat - the first working body dedicated exclusively to the islands. It was established within the European Commission and was presented on Wednesday within the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels.

"The opening of the Secretariat is a continuation of all my past actions so that our islanders can transfer to the clean energy sources. I am extremely proud of the amendment I have filed, which provided 2 million euros for the European islands. Our mission was to help the islands to use the local sources of clean energy for the production of electricity as much as possible and thus become more autonomous in its supply", said Picula, as a speaker at the panel Transition to Clean Energy Sources on the European Islands and beyond, adding that energy supply is vital for the tourism industry and "oil products still dominate in Croatia, which increases island sensitivity to the impact of fossil fuel use on the environment, as well as on the instability of oil prices."

Read the whole article at the link.

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