February 16, 2017 Internet & Press

Picula warned on discrimination

MEP Tonino Picula warned that some member states of the European Union continue to have border controls within the Schengen and pointed out the discrimination of member states that are still not a part of Schengen.

"When we have to face a threat of certain Schengen members that they will block members that are still not a part of Schengen during the tourist season, with a pretext of implementing this proposal, that leads to unnecessary problems in its implementation", said Picula during the debate on the proposal for reinforcement controls against relevant databases at external borders, at plenary session in Strasbourg.

He again pointed out the problem of threats arriving from Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec, that because of an arbitration on the border dispute, Croatia could suffer damage which would particularly feel tourists during the summer season.

Tragic consequences of the recent terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany, show many weaknesses in the current system of controls at the EU borders.

Picula warns that one of the main reasons is that there is still no data exchange among member countries.

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Revision of Schengen is not a justification for threats to Croatia

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