September 4, 2017 Internet & Press

Picula on Croatia's position in the EU

After parliamentary elections in Germany on September 24, France will come out with ten concrete proposals for EU reform after Brexit. There is a possibility that Croatia will be "pushed" to margins of the EU, because Croatia has no euro and is not yet part of Schengen. MEP Tonino Picula comments for Jutarnji list.

"This is a particularly dramatic moment for Croatia, because it raises the question whether the European scenario is more likely to favor Members who moved forward isn't this creating a kind of EU within the EU and whether will this make Member States who stay outside, even harder to suceed?

As the least developed EU Member, next to Bulgaria, we are in the south and and politically we find ourselves in the middle of the east-west division, which was highlighted in 2015. when the countries of the Visegrad Group are beginning to re-examine the values ??on which the EU rests, not showing solidarity with asylum seekers and economic migrants. The differences were apparently there all the time there, only hidden", commented Tonino Picula for Jutarnji list.

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Source: Jutarnji list
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