July 4, 2017 Internet & Press

Picula defends Croatian winemakers

"Tonight I want to point out that Slovenian demand for two month postponement of the application of a delegated act that enables Croatian producers of teran to go to the European market, is unjustified", said MEP Tonino Picula at plenary session in Strasbourg.

"Teran is a part of Istrian identity for almost 700 years and is undoubtedly a big part of the Croatian wine tradition. But product names in many cases cross national borders, which is the best proof of common past and the need for co-operation", sid Picula in his speech.

MEP Picula therefore expects that all teran producers will be able to place their products on the market, because their quality and geographical origin, as well as legal protection arguments, are bsolutely unquestionable.

You can see the entire article on the link.

Slovenians have no ground to demand a postponement

Source: Dalmacija News
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