June 1, 2017 Internet & Press

Picula: Change the European visa stickers

MEP Tonino Picula warned that the current visa stickers are not in line with security standards and that is causing counterfeiting, during today's debate on mini plennary session in Brussels.

"Counterfeit visa stickers have emerged in several European Union countries over the last couple of years.The present labels are no longer safe which is not a suprise, given that the current security concept of the uniform format for visas is the same like in 1995 when it was developed within the framework of interstate Schengen cooperation" , said MEP Tonino Picula and warned that the format was only twice modified, while security circumstances and technology standards have been almost completely altered since then, which is why he  supported the Report on the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament in Brussels.

"Improving EU entry control has become dramatically linked to the issue of citizen protection" he said and added "unlike the Regulation on Systematic Control of Entry and Exit for EU Citizens and Third Countries, this proposal is well prepared and constitutes a constructive contribution to greater security."

You can read the whole article on the link.

Source: Portal Oko
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