June 19, 2018 Internet & Press

Picula and the Commission on Croatian islands

European Commission is in a study visit to Croatian islands, jointly organized by Croatian MEP Tonino Picula, the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. This is the first study visit of the European Commission to Croatian islands ever.

Representatives from the European Commission arrived to Croatia after the establishment of the Secretariat for Islands, which was founded thanks to Picula's 2 million euros worth amendment. That's the first working body dedicated exclusively to the islands in the history of the European Union.

"This initiative represents an institutional response to the need for clean energy and I would like that on Krk, Cres, Unije, Lošinj, Zadar and Pag, where we will visit valuable energy projects, we talk to representatives of the Commission and inform them about the specific problems of our islanders, but also inform those communities that are just beginning with the transition to renewable energy sources and show them that five years after Croatia joined the EU, we have benefited from that membership! Visit of the Commission to our islands is the best proof what can be achieved by working together - the islands are not only high on the European Agenda, we are preparing them for the transition to renewable energy sources", said Tonino Picula, Vice President of the Intergroup for the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas.

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Source: T portal
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