September 28, 2017 Internet & Press

Juncker's Europe better for Croatia than Macron's

The speech of Europe tomorrow, held by French President Emmanuel Macron in front of students at the Sorbonne, MEP Tonino Picula commented for Večernji list.

"I noticed that Macron thinks that the reform plan for EU could, if successful, bring the United Kingdom back to such a reorganized community. However, for one reformer with a vision such as Macron, it is a little weird that he had nothing to say about enlarging the EU to the space that wants to enter the EU and addresses to the countries coming out from the EU.

For me - it says a lot of Macron what he did say as much what he didn't say. He didn't say a word about the EU's southeastern expansion, which brings Croatia into a situation to wonder how far-reaching reforms will be and whether it will stay a border country of the EU, exposed to additional instability", says Picula.

In order to be a compelling euroreformer, Macron must first prove that he is a reformer in France because the EU, as it is today, is exposed to doubts and criticisms, partly because France fails to implement reforms, but Picula also points out that Macron obviously supports the EU two speeds.

"Juncker thinks that the eurozone and Schengen can not be processes that separate EU Members, but join them, as it writes in the accession treaties. He rejects the idea of ??the eurozone parliament, and I think Macron is going to propose a joint parliament of those EU states that want more integrataion", concludes Picula, adding that the results of the German elections deprived part of the planned space from the European reformers of the Macron's type. Macron wants more Europe just now when German voters have shown that they want more Germany. Read the entire article on the link.

Source: Večernji list
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