March 26, 2018 Internet & Press

Higschool students from Šibenik are comig to sing in Brussels

Twenty students from Antun Vrančić Gymnasium in Šibenik are coming to Brussels. They were invited by two MEPs Ivana Maletić and Tonino Picula.

"I am looking forward for having the opportunity to host students from Šibenik and I am particularly pleased that the their school is a part of the European Parliament Ambassador School Programme. I support that program because it increases awareness of young people about the importance of European institutions whose work directly influence their life. Of course, their singing in the European Parliament will be the cherry on top of this visit", said MEP Tonino Picula. 

Gymnasium Antun Vrančić is a part of the The European Parliament Ambassador School Programme (EPAS) and MEPs Picula and Maletić were very happy to host them because the both come from Šibenik.  

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