March 3, 2018 Internet & Press

Every island can save up to a quarter of water!

MEP Tonino Picula, vice-president of the Interparliamentary group, presented the guide "Water Saving Challenge: a smart guide to water management" yesterday at the House of Europe in Zagreb, with whose help all the island and land communities can save at least a quarter of water!

In a one-year study and on-site work, project participants found that on all eight islands 200 million liters of water were saved, electricity consumption decreased by 470,000 kWh and carbon dioxide emissions by 42,000 kilograms in one year. If their knowledge of water conservation was transferred to 2136 European islands and their population, savings in water, electricity and greenhouse gas emissions would be immense.

Read the whole article on the link.

Source: Zadarski list
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