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Did we benefit from joining the EU?

It has been 5 years since 1 July 2013, when Croatia as the 28th EU member formally joined the European family. Most Croatian politicians and political parties hold that Croatia benefited during that period. MEP Tonino Picula is one of them.

Picula: A small price for maintaining a common space of peace and security

MEP Tonino Picula (SDP) points out that many today, 61 years after the Rome Treaty, are asking about the historical justification of the European project as well as about its perspective.

"Analysts have calculated that the cost of the European project for every of 510 million Europeans, costs only one cup of coffee a day, and I agree with those who say that this is really a small price for maintaining a common space of peace and security, a common market space, an opportunity for life and work in maybe not globally big, but very rich European space", said Picula. 

He, however, adds, that the EU today is in a serious crisis marked not only by the departure of the United Kingdom from the Union "and, after many enlargements, the first reduction of the EU, the migration pressure on its external and internal borders and the difficult to reach agreement on the future of the EU". Today, he stresses, the member states are also hardly confronted with the fundamental values ??on which the EU rests, "to the extent that activation of Article 7 of the EU Treaty is considered against one of the members: Poland, because of the, as the Commission has established, serious violation of the rule of law ".

"Besides that, cohesion policy is a policy of European solidarity and one of the lines of the defense of EU credibility. For Croatia, it is crucial that in withdrawal of the European funds over the next five years is far more successful and overcomes the initial disenchantment. We must use the funds to remove internal disparities and enable all citizens of Croatia to feel the direct benefit of Union membership", said Picula.

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Source: Jutarnji list
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