July 12, 2017 Internet & Press

Croatian wine Teran defended

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament (AGRI) rejected Slovenian request for a two-month extension of the deadline for objections to Delegated act of the European Commission, which gives the right to Croatian wine producers to label wines with protected designation of origin Istria - Croatia with name Teran, today in Brussels.

"Croatia has, in accordance with the EU regulations, requested exemption for the use of the sort of wine and requested a legal solution that does not endanger anyone. There is no legal argument for accepting the Slovenian claim. Our producers have already suffered enough damage due to the inability to place their product on the European market in the past four years", said Picula during the debate.

MEP Picula was the first MEP to support Teran as a traditional Croatian product whose production is the result of a multi-century tradition, at the beginning of his mandate in August 2013. He pointed to the European Commission's that Slovenian dispute about Teran's authenticity was unjustified. Last week at the plenary session in Strasbourg, he also pointed out that Slovenian request is unjustified.

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Source: T portal
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