July 17, 2019 Internet & Press

Croatian priorities during the Presidency of the EU Council

Croatian Presidency of the European Union, in the first six months next year, MEP Tonino Picula commented for N1 television.

"Here is just to point out how things are different in other countries, for Romania it was cohesion policy that was presented during the Romanian Presidency as one of the fundamental European values, which is especially interesting for Croatia. We are now discussing during the beginning of the Finnish Presidency, which has completely different agenda. Finland is interested in something else. Climate changes, digitization and of course the protection of human rights, therefore, Croatia will have to choose what continuity or discontinuity it intends to accomplish with its Presidency. I hope that it will be something that will be interesting for other EU countries. I am personally arguing that Croatia uses its unique position in the southeast of Europe. We are the only country in the European Union that is directly out on the Danube and on the Adriatic Sea - we look towards the southeastern part of Europe Europe, but we are also a Mediterranean country - area of ??energy and transport and more convincing European foreign policy toward the southeast. What about enlargement policy? Ursula von der Leyen was very hesitant when it was necessary to explain the views on foreign policy southeast of Croatia. This is the chance for Croatia to her priorities", MEP Picula said for N1 television.

See the whole video on the link.

Source: N1 televizija
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