June 11, 2018 Internet & Press

Croatia must enter Schengen as soon as possible!

MEP Tonino Picula brought together representatives of the European Commission, the European Parliament and of Ministries of Interior of Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania and other experts at the Schengen Conference. It was organized in the context of current debates in European institutions on the challenges of Schengen's functioning, the need for its strengthening and enlargement

"Both trust and security systems need to be strengthened and the question of political wisdom is to find balance between these two things. Instead of militarization, we should schengenize the borders because the future of the European Union depends on upgraded, efficient and expanded Schengen", said MEP Tonino Picula, who organized an international conference "Schengen - Achievements and Prospects", in Dubrovnik.

European Commissioner for Migration, Internal Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos has again called on the Council "to accept Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia, as soon as we meet the criteria, in the Schengen area because more inclusive Schengen is a stronger Schengen".

MEP Picula emphasized that Croatia's accession to Schengen is our first strategic goal after joining the European Union: "With Croatia's entry into Schengen, monitoring of the so-called internal borders - the borders of Croatia with the EU members - Slovenia and Hungary would be removed. Also, every year, Europeans spend about 1.25 billion travels in the Schengen area - this is especially important for Croatia as an extremely touristic country, because most of our guests are EU citizens who will easier arrive to Croatia, with fewer controls and less waiting at the borders. 

Deputy Director General of the European Commission Directorate-General for Home Affairs Simon Mordue has announced an increase in budget from the previous 13 to 35 million euros, which will be "new generation of border management".

This is the second conference devoted to European security, following the European Defense Campaign, organized by MEP Picula.

"Last year, by adopting the Dubrovnik conclusions, we sent a message to the citizens of Dubrovnik, because security has become a priority issue. At this year's Conference Conclusions, we stress that Schengen must not suffer because of the lack of a common approach to addressing security and migration issues. Future of the European Union depends on the upgraded, efficient and expanded Schengen", concluded MEP Tonino Picula

More details on the Schengen Conference - Achievements and Expectations can be found in the published articles on the link.

Source: Jutarnji list
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