December 18, 2019 Internet & Press

Brexit and European Green Deal will affect the priorities of Croatia's EU presidency

Croatia is taking over the EU presidency in very specific conditions, MEP Picula said in an interview for HINA.

This is one particular case because it is primarily about the presidency of a Member State shortly after the institutions collapsed after the European elections in May, and it is particularly dynamic since for the first time in the history of the EU, one member leaves the Union.

"And not any member but a member of the Security Council and a country that is the second economy of the European Union and second largest in terms of payments, right after Germany", Picula said.

He believes that it is good that Croatia has some priorities set, but that it is an open question how much they correspond to some general mood in the Union. Picula warns that apart from Brexit and the European Green Deal, we also have a multi-year financial framework that is the mother of all issues. He explains that the Union is not only searching for its political content, but above all is the strongest economic bloc in the world, and its credibility will depend on how much it wants to give itself the means to achieve its strategic goals in the next seven years and that for the first time we have something that was not expressed before - awareness of the impact of climate change on politics, on the economy, on local communities.

"In order to achieve a very ambitious energy transition, this needs to be financed. The very fact that it takes 260 billion euros a year to compensate losers in that energy transition says that it will be politically difficult to moderate the interests that are opposite in this case", he said".

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