July 2, 2018 Internet & Press

Black Thursday for the Internet?

The European Parliament decides this week on a Directive that experts believe will change the Internet forever. At the plenary session in Strasbourg, the European Parliament will vote on the proposal for a Directive on intellectual property protection on the Internet, which will decide whether it will be adopted in its current, highly controversial version or will it be returned to processing.

The proposal has caused a lot of disagreement between users and Internet companies, who believe that the new law will be turned into control and control tools and will ruin the freedom of speech and destroy the internet we know. New regulatory advocates claim that it is just about trying to pay for their original content to news publishers, musicians, and other creators, because content aggregators like Google, Facebook and YouTube would be obliged to pay for the right to post those contents or to use these content filters that would allow these contents not to appear.

Controversial points

There are two points around which the whole problem consists. Article 11, colloquially called "tax on links" and Article 13, which prescribes the so-called upload filter. Link taxation would force online platforms such as Facebook and Google that, for example, buy licenses from media license publishers before publishing links to their original content or copying those content. The upload filter should ensure that anything that is raised on the Internet within the EU does not infringe any copyright.

MEP Tonino Picula said how he would vote in the European Parliament:

"I will vote against the Directive. I believe that the text should be returned to the Committee and further discussed so we can try to achieve a better consensus within the Parliament itself. It is obvious that the existing text provokes dissatisfaction of many people, and their opinions need to be taken into consideration. "

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Source: Jutarnji list
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