February 28, 2017 Internet & Press

All 39 Picula's amendments adopted

Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament (AFET) adopted reports on the progress of Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro today, including 39 amendments of MEP Tonino Picula.

Commenting on the Serbia progress report, MEP Picula stressed that "Serbia has taken important steps in normalising relations with Kosovo, but there's still a lot of work to do in that direction", which was adopted in his amendments.

He calls on Serbia to fully implement bilateral agreements with neighbouring countries and to intensify solving outstanding issues with its neighbours, in particular issues of border demarcation, succession, return of cultural goods and disclosure of Yugoslavian archives, the list of the missing and succession, but also to continue work on the review of the scope and application of the law on universal jurisdiction.

"Opening of the first chapters has to be understood as a positive pressure as a support to facilitate the resolution of bilateral questions on which there were no bilateral answers, for 25 years", Picula stressed in his speech.

The full article can be read at the following link.

AFET voted about Progress reports on Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro

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