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Picula: No one can give up our obligations on behalf of the Republic of Croatia

Dodik's policy needs to be curbed, and Croatia must respect its obligations, Picula said

The responsibility for Žalac lies with Plenković

Croatian Member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula was a guest on N1 television this morning, where he commented on the Žalac affair and the slowdown in the EU enlargement process

Picula for JL Briefing: Authors of non-paper hunt in the murky

Croatian MEP and EP rapporteur for relations with Montenegro, Tonino Picula, made a guest appearance on Jutarnji list's "Briefing" on 6 May to clarify the situation with vaccination in the EU and the potential role of Chinese and Russian vaccines, as well as measures to limit European Union as well as a misunderstanding over the authorship of non-papers on the redrawing of borders in the Western Balkans

Jumping vaccination queues in EU states elicits resignations

Picula commented for N1 television on vaccination in Croatia and the Commission's missteps in the EU, relations with the United States and the shortcomings of Croatia's National Recovery and Resilience Plan

EU still counts on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Picula states that the EU still wants stable Bosnia and Herzegovina and expects a renewal of the American interest in the region.

Visa waiver probably after US election

Speaking on N1, Picula commented on the arrival of the US secretary of State in Croatia, the SDP election, and the JANAF affair

Picula on the EU, the Janaf affair, and corruption in Croatia

We should not hope for too flattering assessments in future reports on the fight against corruption in Croatia, Picula pointed out in the "Interview of the" Week on Radio Sljeme

Serbia’s maneuvering capacity diminishes

Tonino Picula, Croatian MEP and standing rapporteur for relations with the US and Montenegro made a guest appearance in the show “U mreži prvog” commenting on the question of normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, certain repercussions of the Serbian President’s Aleksandar Vucic visit to the White House and recent elections in Montenegro

Agreement between Serbia and Kosovo directed by Trump

Picula made a guest appearance on the N1 Beograd network “Crvena linija” show, where he commented on the relations in Montenegro as well as the treaty between Serbia and Kosovo
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