EU must be more firm towards China in the Western Balkans

The EU must continue to develop convincing financial and political mechanisms that will bring the countries of Western Balkans closer to the membership, in order to avoid those countries falling under a significant influence of the Union’s geopolitical rivals”, said Tonino Picula, Croatian MEP and Chair of the Working group for the Western Balkans during today's meeting

Enlargement can bring new strength to Schengen

Croatian MEP Tonino Picula gave an interview to Glas Slavonije on June 12th, analyzing in detail a recent European Commission’s decision to expand the Schengen area to include Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania, countries that meet all technical criteria required to be admitted in the zone without border controls between member states

Picula: IPA III is finally voted

The instrument for financing candidate countries for EU membership in the period 2021-2027 will be worth 14.2 billion euros, and the efficient use of EU funds must be ensured in full compliance with European values, said Tonino Picula

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EP voted in favor of Picula's Report on Montenegro

The report was voted in favor by 595 votes, noting that further progress in the area of the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights is crucial.

Picula presented Report on Relations with the United States: There is no going back

Croatian Member of the European Parliament and EP Rapporteur for Relations with the United States, Tonino Picula, presented his "Report on the Future of EU-US Relations" at a meeting of the EP's Foreign Affairs Committee.

Picula for JL Briefing: Authors of non-paper hunt in the murky

Croatian MEP and EP rapporteur for relations with Montenegro, Tonino Picula, made a guest appearance on Jutarnji list's "Briefing" on 6 May to clarify the situation with vaccination in the EU and the potential role of Chinese and Russian vaccines, as well as measures to limit European Union as well as a misunderstanding over the authorship of non-papers on the redrawing of borders in the Western Balkans

Adopted Picula's report on Montenegro

Croatian Member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula, as Rapporteur for Relations with Montenegro, successfully completed the Progress Report on Montenegro in 2019 and 2020 and was officially adopted by the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament on 14 April 2021.

Picula’s report: 69 billion euros to EU regions for green projects

European Parliament adopted Picula's report on Cohesion Policy as a key tool in the fight against climate change and a fair energy transition

EU causes internal crisis by muddling the vaccination campaign

Picula spoke to Globus newspaper about his report on relations with the United States and the current vaccine situation in the EU

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Jumping vaccination queues in EU states elicits resignations

Picula commented for N1 television on vaccination in Croatia and the Commission's missteps in the EU, relations with the United States and the shortcomings of Croatia's National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Environmentally neutral EU - the largest European project

Croatian Member of the European Parliament and S&D Coordinator Tonino Picula answered three questions from Jutarnji list today, based on re-problematizing the extremely important topic of climate change, that is suppressed and ignored by the flaming pandemic
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