December 5, 2023 From Media

Picula: Strong Transatlantic support for Ukraine will preserve democracy

Tonino Picula, Croatian Member of the European Parliament and the EP's rapporteur for relations with the United States, reflected on the importance of the transatlantic alliance and continued support for Ukraine following regular legislative dialogue held in Washington last week, speaking to HRT.

Picula emphasized the importance of shared values and firm support for Ukraine in the current geopolitical context.

"Judging by the joint statement we agreed upon after discussions about the situation in Ukraine, as well as a whole range of open issues, the USA and the EU still stand firmly behind Ukraine, namely its right to defend itself against the Russian aggressor. In fact, we have made it very clear that if anyone were to take a different stance and if the overall support for Kyiv were to weaken, it would not only jeopardize the Ukrainian fight for freedom and existence, but it would also significantly reflect on our transatlantic security," said Picula.

He also highlighted the significance of transatlantic relations at a time when they are under significant pressure. "The relations between the EU and the USA, which are still the two most significant factors when we talk about the international scene, with almost half of the world's GDP being generated on these two sides of the Atlantic, but these bilateral relations, let's call them that, between Brussels and Washington, are under serious pressure, as seldom in recent decades," added Picula.

Picula also emphasized pressures coming from multiple sides, including external crises such as the war against Ukraine and the situation in the Middle East, as well as the approach to China in the Indo-Pacific. He stressed the need to find a common stance and consensus between the USA and the EU in order to defend the international order based on rules that have brought exceptional prosperity.

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