September 10, 2021 Parlament Activities

Tourists will consume local food

The fight against supply chain fraud, the consumption of local organic food and the measurement of quality for geographical indications are the most important among Picula’s accepted amendments to the Report within the “Farm to fork” strategy

“The protection of small producers of original products in the supply chain, as well as the consumption of local and fresh organic food are a guarantee of long-term survival of our family farms and, consequently, life and progress in the Croatian countryside. That is why this was of great importance for me that those amendments be included in the Report within the EU strategy “Farm to fork”, stated Croatian MEP Tonino Picula on the occasion of the adoption of the Report at the meeting of the EP Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), which jointly adopted Picula’s amendments to the Report within the European Union’s “Farm to fork” strategy.

The “Farm to fork” strategy is an extremely important part of the European Green Deal, which aims to create stimulating and effective impacts on the environment and society, while helping to define and implement the transition of European agriculture. This initiative aims to contribute to healthier, greener and more sustainable production and the development of the food market and supply chain.

Tonino Picula, as an alternate member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, recently submitted 17 amendments to the initial version of the report, most of which entered the final text as part of an agreement by most political groups in the European Parliament. In doing so, he warned against combating fraud and illegitimate practices in the food market and supply chain, emphasizing the need to identify and investigate such dubious activities.

Furthermore, Picula’s amendment which recognizes the importance of fresh organic food that is consumed locally, for the benefit of the health of consumers and the environment was fully adopted. The MEP called for support measures and highlighted the great potential in promoting local cooperation between primary producers and tourism service providers, which could ultimately increase the consumption of fresh home-grown food.

Following Picula's recent activities in the fight for the recognition of Prošek at the EU level, the adopted text also includes his amendment emphasizing the role of the EU quality measurement system for geographical indications, such as protected designations of origin (PDO), protected geographical indications (PGI), the geographical indication of alcoholic beverages and aromatised wines and traditional specialties guaranteed, which are excellent examples of the way in which the EU sets quality standards in agriculture.

The statement on the report at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg is the next step expected on the agenda next month.

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