March 29, 2023 Parlament Activities

Picula on his third mission in Kiev

Tonino Picula, Croatian member of the European Parliament and coordinator of the S&D group for foreign affairs, as a member of the S&D Delegation in Kyiv, met yesterday with Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal, Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba, First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oleksandr Korniyenko, as well as eminent non-governmental activists.

Tonino Picula, as a member of the S&D Delegation in the European Parliament led by President Iratxe García Pérez, visited Ukraine to speak with key representatives of the government, parliament and presidential administration, expressing support for the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and reaffirming Ukraine's commitment to joining the European Union.

Members of the S&D Delegation to the European Parliament also held important talks with the holder of the Sakharov Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize and the head of the Center for Civil Liberties, Oleksandra Matviichuk, as well as with the leadership and young activists of the progressive political movement and partner, SD Platform.

"I expressed sincere solidarity with the people of Ukraine and reiterated our clear message of unity and continuity in providing support to this country. We will resolutely put our shared values and future first. Ukraine defends its territory, but also defends the right of its people to a peaceful and prosperous life. As Europeans, we will resolutely support that right in Brussels, with our transatlantic and international partners. We must all work together to protect the rules-based international order firmly rooted in international law and the UN Charter,” Picula said.

"Our commitment to Ukraine's just battle will last as long as it takes. Ukraine can still count on our humanitarian, military, political, economic, financial and technical support. We will continue to cooperate in bringing to justice all those in Putin's regime responsible for terrible war crimes, which began with the recent arrest warrants of the International Criminal Court (ICC)", confirmed Picula and added that the EU is particularly dedicated to the path of Ukraine's accession to EU membership, and especially it will be good when the initiative on "solidarity holidays in the EU" for Ukrainian children is accepted.

The delegation paid tribute to all Ukrainians who bravely risked their lives not only to liberate their country, but also to fight for common European values and the European future. This mission is an opportunity to improve contacts with Ukrainian partners in the government, parliament, civil society and the progressive SD Platform movement.

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