March 2, 2018 Video & Audio

Good morning, Croatia!

MEP and Vice-President of the European Parliament Intergroup in charge of the islands, Tonino Picula, presented the "Water Saving Challenge - a smart guide to water management", in the tv show Good morning, Croatia.

"The islanders can save up to 25% of the water they are using now. Some have set targets of 10%, some 55%, depending on the situation on their island",  said Tonino Picula, during the "Good morning, Croatia" show. He was in the company of Lučijano Sangaleti from Lastovo, that is also a part of the Water Saving Challenge project and presented the handbook "Water Saving Challenge-a smart guide to water management", few hours before its official presentation at the House of Europe, Zagreb.

This project was awarded with the "Greening Islands" award, which is granted in three categories: sustainable energy, mobility and water management, and Picula's project received the award for Water Management.

"I believe that we got this award because we have turned the microphone to the islanders so they can transfer their knowledge to us, and not vice versa, as it has always been so far", Picula said. 

You can see the whole show in the video.

Source: HRT
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