April 17, 2018 Internet & Press

The Syria authorities don't do enough to protect their citizens

While world media report that Syrian forces have demolished the missiles fired on two bases, just days after US, British and French forces attacked Syrian targets in retaliation for the alleged chemical attack in Duma, the European Parliament discussed the situation in Syria. MEP Tonino Picula also participated in the debate.

"3 million people need help, 6 million are displaced within the country, 3 million are in areas that are difficult or impossible to access even when it comes to providing medical assistance and 5.5 million people are fled to countries in their neighbourhood", MEP Tonino Picula emphasized in his speech at the plenary session in Strasbourg.

"This conflict is 8 years old and we still cannot see the solution on the horizon", Picula pointed out.

"Syria is a political platform for the opposite interests of the world's forces, while Syrian authorities instead of protecting their citizens are doing just the opposite, using the most brutal tools that obviously and repeatedly include chemical weapons. Such methods are absolutely unacceptable", said MEP Picula. 

Read the whole article on the link and see the MEP Picula's speech in the video. 


Source: Šibenik in
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