February 7, 2017 Internet & Press

The future of the island in the European Union

Međuskupine Vice President of the European Parliament for Islands, representative of Tonino Picula, the speaker is at the debate on the future of the island at Valletta in Malta. Public hearing "What future for islands in the European Union" organized by the Presidency of the European Union, malteško, and on the occasion of the draft opinion by the European economic and Social Committee: "Islands in the EU – from a structural handicap to the inclusive areas".

Opinion of the European economic and Social Committee is an upgrade of the historic resolution on the special situation of the island, which was adopted by the European Parliament in February 2016. of the year. The resolution of the European Commission requested specific measures in solving the problem of the island.

"This opinion and recognize the importance of Resolution Island, the ineffectiveness of the existing cohesive policies and are calling on the European Commission on the recognition of the specific characteristics of the Islands in the preparation of the post-2020 strategy", said mp Tonino Picula.

Every problem that afflicts communities on the Mainland, on islands is further accentuated. The Islands are therefore cannot be treated the same way as mainland when the elaboration of criteria for withdrawal of funds from the European funds, Picula warned.

"One life's example: a pregnant woman who needs from a remote island to get to the hospital on the Mainland, and ferry routes were disrupted by the storm, is certainly not in the same situation as that of pregnant women to the hospital has half an hour away by car." Opinion of the Committee shows that the European institutions are jointly collaborating on issues concerning European Islands and is a visible progress in the consideration of solutions.

Except as provided for in Resolution which confirms the ineffectiveness of cohesion policy to the Islands, the opinion outlined the key problems facing the Islands. Proposing concrete suggestions for their solution through three concepts: 1. Islands quality, 2. Green Islands and 3. Islands of equal opportunity. Concepts are aimed at raising the quality of life on the Islands, the protection of the island okolišta and ensuring equal access to islanders public services that are available and on the Mainland.

"Existing problems of cohesion policy shows that there are difficulties in communication between policy makers and those on which these policies apply, and this opinion, as well as the earlier resolutions, are a significant step forward in their overcoming. Međuskupina to the sea, rivers, Islands and coastal areas, as the first parliamentary body that deals with the targeted Islands and gathers 89 delegates from more than 20 countries, has contributed significantly to the opening of communication channel. "

The representative drew attention to the fact that many islands and actively involve in the discussion about their own future. For it is a good example of "the initiative of smart island" which will 28. the March in Brussels to present the Declaration of clever Islands. Participates in it, and five Croatian Islands: Krk, Union, Korcula, Mljet and Lastovo.

On the preservation and improvement of life on the Islands, a representative from the beginning of the work term Picula. His first initiative was to call to schoolchildren with prvić, Iz and Silba in Brussels to warn on closing schools on the Islands that contribute to relocation of young people; organized a Conference on the specifics of the island on which he hosted 30 young Islanders who have shared their vision of the situation, as part of the activities in the promotion of Croatian products autohotonih, was a host and producers from the island with the aim to begin with the protection of the flour of carob. The benefit of the Croatian, but also of European Islands, and will remain in the focus of activity of the representative as the representative.

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